Tuesday, January 30, 2018

English muscle gladiator Andy James


  1. Blimey, two comments in one day! But, it's a pleasure, as a mark of appreciation to you Marcello for compiling such a fantastic British Festival of Muscle! It's certainly kept me entertained and indeed sexed up through this dank, dark and dreariest of months (well in the UK anyway).
    Andy James is new to me and when I first saw the Greek style helmet, I can't say I was that impressed. You see, to me there is no need to mess or be distracting with the total purity of full blown muscle. However, I must say, I was pretty impressed in the end with all that full blown beef, roided turtle gut and two well juiced nipples! Another great bonus are those fucking hot silver posers as is his gutsy posing routine which just shows off his love of having all that muscle and showing it off to drooling worshippers like us!

    1. The shiny silver posers were a great choice.

    2. Well, the whole Gladiator thing is a big turn on for me...but not in this case. I find the faux helmet a bit distracting from the show going on with his fabulous physique. WB said it best “silver posers were a great choice”, I’d say. Don’t hide that handsome face, and great smile.
      Never seen this guy before, but I’m sur3 after some research it will be spunking time for me.
      The British Festival of Muscle has been amazing. Marcelo you have an eye for all things in the world of bodybuilding, but this festival has hit it out of the park.
      Gloomy January, in the USA as well has been much brighter, because of this festival. UKMN so luck to have an island full of such amazing B.B. talent. F

  2. YOU can become an honorary brit any day mate..would love to chat further ..I am genuine buddy, honest! Get in touch whenever.