Sunday, January 21, 2018

British alpha monster Anth Bailes


  1. Jeeeeeeesussssssss! They just keep coming and coming - wave after wave of the most sexually potent muscle on the planet! WORKING CLASS, (mostly) NORTHERN, BRITISH MUSCLE BULLS!! I make no apologies to those who just don't get it because they are MY ABSOLUTE PASSION!!
    It's the look , the muscle, the tood, the raw virility and handsomeness that makes my heart miss a beat and my cock and balls tingle and grow!
    By Eck, supa huge, supa slabbed, supa shredded Anth fits this model like a glove. He's a Geordie boy and a fucking maniac in the gym (check out his youtube clips) with his Brummie (from Birmingham) muscle mate 'let's get fucking nasty' Leroy, who used to train with the great Dorian Yates. It's balls to the wall hard graft, pain and dedication to pulverise and make them fucking muscles grow! But fellas, just look at the results - a ripped to shreds mega muscle monster extraordinaire! KERRRRRRR-SPLATTTTTT!!

  2. Again, dead on!!! Perfect description of this muscle god...Slabs of heavy beef hanging off that frame. Handsome to a fault. The fault being those posers, great from the back, needs a deeper cut V In the front which always enhances the abs.
    Guess most BB’s in this country are “working class” not a term we use here, maybe blue collar fits better here. My HVAC guy is a BB, blue collar, handsome as fuck...maybe my heater won’t work today and I’ll have to give him a call, just to cop a few looks.
    Have to check Anth on YouTube today and see what I find...and also a bit of ker-splat. F

  3. That vascularity sends me over the edge every time....such a sensational northern muscle beast!

    1. Ruairi maguari are you new on this blog?
      Tell me more about you!
      You are wellcome

    2. Massive muscleaddict here..from the UK...cant get enough of this blog...gonna start posting as never have enough musclefreaks

  4. Wow total Muscle bald Bull! Delicious brit Guy

  5. He is ugly but fucking hot

  6. These are all old photos of him where his legs were relatively weak. His legs are a lot better and he is a more symmetrical.
    I think he looks fantastic, ruggedly male.