Sunday, March 19, 2017

Italian baby beasts Giuseppe Zagarella, Michale Tiraoro, Igor Brembilla and Gianluca Di Lorenzo

Giuseppe Zagarella

Michael Tiraoro

Igor Brembilla

Gianluca Di Lorenzo


  1. I'll take the first two lads please! Check out the fucking attitude on Giuseppe! Those expressions are obscene. Anyone would think he was proud of the fact his biceps and bum cheeks are three times bigger than the average lads his age! The cheeky rapscallion. As for Michael. Not only is he shredded to all out fuckery (and also has a rather nice bum!) but he also happens to be cuter than the cutest button on Button Moon! Just beyond adorable. The last guys rather gorgeous too of course. Thanks for this awesome post WWB - hadn't seen or heard of any of these guys before!

  2. Hi fellas. It's great to be back after a few broken weeks of not regularly commenting. Today there's only one comment so far, which in some ways is a surprise cos these gorgeous men are spunkworthy to the eighth degree!! Look at em! muscled,veins, shredded, and pumped! These muscle stallions are into their own magnificence too, basking and knowing how fucking hot they are, oozing that 'tood' (thanks muscleaddict) one expects our muscle herds to have cos of their innate hotness.
    Muscleaddicts comments hits the nail on the head but mate,when I saw youd commented, there was one thing I anticipated you would defo mention but surprisingly didnt n one thing I know you particularly love..the fucking hot posers! There are brief ones,shiny ones,ass cracking ones n stars n stripe ones too! These guys certainly wear them well and they expertly present their lusting knobs and balls so verily! Again cranking up their own gorgeousness.

  3. These are very good bodybuilders, draped in Italian beauty. My favourite is Guiseppe Zagarella for the reasons MA pointed out to above.
    I can't find any footage of these guys as in videos or anything, how disappointing :(