Sunday, March 12, 2017

Arab beauties at the Arnold Classic part 2: Adel Mohamed, Ahmed El Zaiat and Nawar Kaabi

Adel Mohamed - Kuwait

Ahmed Elzaiat - Egypt

Nawar Kaabi - Iraq


  1. wow these 3 guys look like arabic horses Ahmed elzait has a hot piece of ass! I think Russian bodybuilders the most beautiful and Arabs are the hottest.

  2. FUCK!! So many hot as fuck, shiny as shit posing trunks in this post! Red, green, purple, gold. Or in other words...woof, pant, slurp, squirt!! Oh yeah. The lads wearing em aren't too bad either I suppose.

    1. MA I'm right there with you in the shinny poser them, first thing i look at. I guess it's also about what's being held inside. These are three spectacular Arab dudes. I said in yesterday's post, I was not a fan of the Arab look, but after these two posts I'm now a huge fan. Woof!!!

  3. I agree this arab studs have a nice muscle skiny bodies but i dont like much! I prefer muscle mass monsters roids Bulls and roids Horses!

  4. Ahmed Elzaiat is hot as fuck he has a killer ass...His ass was out of this world incredible! Makes me rock hard every time.

    Adel Mohamed has a fucking exotic male face great ripped muscle body

    Nawar Kaabi has a fucking baby face horse Damn! Legs, Ass, chest, arms!!! really handsome boy Just the face alone make me nuts

  5. I like Nawar Kaabi the most, a well balanced dude.

  6. bonitos mas gosto de homens gigantes por favor blogueiro eu queria um post do tesudo touro gigante russo Denis Cyplenkov essa semana porfavor isso sim é macho testosterona

  7. holy fuck checkout this video bodybuilder male lactation hay marcelo is this possible ? i really want to taste his natural protien Milk

  8. 558 has the most spectacular ass and cock showcased in those sparkling red posers...yum!!!