Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Canadian beauty and beast Zane Watson



  1. OMG...Zane is a super freaky muscle beast. Just look at how every muscle fiber and vein explode as he cranks the most muscular pose in the first pic. Every pic thereafter is a succulent display of each muscle pose. Zane's father Mike is where he got the freakishly bizarre genetics.

  2. Zane definition= Beautiful,rugged,massive,vascular,hunk,thick,full,stud,total muscled dream stallion!!!!

  3. Another comment from me that echoes what the other fellas say. Zane is totally beautiful, MASCULINE, engorged, veined and handsomely rugged. I got to know of this bull (unfortunately not in actual real life) just after Christmas and I'm exceedingly grateful to the fella and friend who introduced him to me. So guys, I'm feeling nicely mellowed out today, so apologies for not putting any effort into including any jokes, turns of phrases or plays on words. I'm just going to sit back and have a bit of time quietly savouring such an amazing muscle god.

  4. Sometimes all the stars align and a perfect Supergod comes along. Zane is one of those Gods. Sleek, streamlined, grainy as fuck, hard, luscious muscle. EVERYWHERE. And then to top it off, he's got those movie star good looks. I'd give anything to kneel before him as his pathetic muscle slave and worship his powerful body over and over again...

  5. WOW Zane Watson REAL MUSCLE STUD ! i love his manly jaw square big arms pecs and abs I could spend hours sucking his BIG tits.

    1. Once you start sucking Zane's big tits you'll get hooked and won't be able to stop!

  6. Zane must have grown up idolizing his bodybuilder dad, Mike. He must have been awestruck watching his well-built dad working out and posing in muscle contests. Zane must have been driven crazy looking at photos of his dad wearing tight, skimpy posing straps, showing off every inch of his body. Zane's dad knew his son worshiped him, so he let him watch him work out in his private gym, allowing his boy to see his big muscles up close, and to feel them after he pumped them up. Mike let Zane feel his muscles as much as he wanted. When Zane was old enough he started working out intensely with his big, handsome father. Zane learned quickly how to pump up his muscles just like his dad. Things got more intense when Mike gave Zane one of his old worn jockstraps to work out in, for good luck. Zane's motivation went off the charts after he put on his dad's jockstrap. His testosterone levels increased like mad and his muscles grew even more. Mike was so impressed with what his old jockstrap did for his son, he gave Zane all of his favorite, used posing straps, the ones that had helped him win so many contests.Zane was never so turned on in his life. These were the same posing straps his dad wore in all those photos Zane had fantasized about when he was growing up worshiping his big, handsome father. After this the two muscle studs bonded like never before and their workouts reached an intensity that overwhelmed them both. When Zane was ready to compete, Mike gave him lessons in posing. Dad and son stood before a mirror, flexing and posing, as Dad demonstrated how to show off as much as possible in order to entice rich men who were into muscle worship. As Mike instructed Zane in spreading his legs wide and thrusting his hips forward and gyrating his hips slowly from side to side, he told Zane he had several men who had supported him financially for years, just for the chance to worship him in private posing sessions. He offered to introduce his son to some of these rich clients, thinking that father-son posing sessions could bring in a lot of money. Zane was so hyped on hot testosterone, he knew he would do anything his Dad wanted.

  7. I was checking Zane's instagram and he had the late Baitollah Abbaspour (of Iran) as one of his idols. I'd seen posts of Zane of Tumblr, and I liked what I saw, thick well shaped slabs of muscle. Great legs, good arms, tight abs and excellent vasculairty.
    The clips on tumblr ,had him doing exercises few bodybuilders feature like hip thrusts and other variations to stiff legged deadlifts. To me this showed he is prepared to do 'difficult' exercises and is thinking of the end result. That along with his admiration of the quiet Baitollah, made me realise he can spot talent when he sees it.
    The man is smart as well as completely hot. He has a great square jaw.
    He has some minor flaws, but I'm sure he will address them with his knowledge. Flaws or not, I think he's very good.