Saturday, December 31, 2016

Monsters of 2016 part 3

Big Ramy - Egypt
Benjamin Reineta - Holland
Maxx Charles - Haiti
Michael Lockett - USA
Joshua Lenartowicz - Australia
Steve Orton - New Zealand
Alejandro Cambronero - Costa Rica
Peter Molnar - Hungary
Pascal Chukwu - Gabon
Soren Falby - Norway
El Bey Chamseddine - Belgium
Regan Grimes - Canada
Dan Cristian - Romania
Murali Kumar - India
Guy Cisternino - USA
Eduardo Correa - Brazil
Hadi Choopan - Iran
Alexey Shabunya- Belarus
Hidetada Yamagishi - Japan
Angel Vargas - Mexico


  1. Peter molnar Michael loocket and Alex shabunya are the most beautiful muscle studs of this list

  2. Alexey Shabunya and Hadi Choopan 2 musclegods!!!
    what beautiful perfect male specimen these muscle fuckers aroused me in special Alexey Shabunya and Hadi Choopan Angel Vargas Michael loocket Hidetada Yamagishi

  3. wow Michael Lockett i love his muscle black skin and square jaw fuckkk!
    Alexey Shabunya Guy Cisternino and Eduardo correa have the biggest Pecs!
    Hadi Choopan is the most fucking handsome bodybuilder for me!

  4. AMAZING FUCKING BODIES!ugh ... This is what steroids do to you turn you into a Horny-looking freakazoid. my FAV
    Big Ramy
    Eduardo Correa
    Michael Lockett
    Hadi Choopan
    Hidetada Yamagishi

  5. It's Peter and Alexy that do it for me...Mose certainly different physiques... Both stunningly beautiful.

  6. This is such an incredible selection of stunning musclemen WWB. You have amazingly good taste! As you've probably gained from my short time commenting on your blog, I love grainy as fuck, white roid monsters. So, I'm instantly attracted to guys such as Steve 'huge muscle assed' Orton, Joshua 'FUCK, look at all those veins' Lenartowicz, and Soren 'tattooed beardy mega beast' Falby! All of them are the fucking biz and I'd give my two front teeth to worship their beyond awesome physiques. Unusually for me, I spotted a darker skinned sexy muscle dude that really got me drooling. It's Indian god, Murali Kumar! What an absolutely stunning human hunk of man meat! From my regular muscle surfing sessions on youtube, I've seen clips of indian, bodybuilders and contests. They are incredibly hot and I've shot my load numerous times whilst watching them. I love their preference for the ultra deep tan and absolutely loads of baby oil, making their hot physiques glimmer like golden statues. Kumar has got that look and carries lots of well proportioned beef, but is also beyond handsome, especially his sexy moustache! What massive sex appeal this guy possesses. The youtube clips also show lots of adoring and excitable (male) fans milling around their favorite indian musclemen. I've fantasised that most of them are full on worshippers who get so sexed up when watching, they all jack off, shouting encouragement whilst shooting spooge is flying everywhere, in a total homage to the muscle bulls flexing on stage! Kersplatt!!

    1. I think UKmusclenut is Muscleaddict from the blog they are the same people It is the same way to write and express in his texts The resemblance is huge
      i have a lot of worshipers fantasies with muscle bulls too ukmusclenut i´m obcessed about muscle bulls and horses

    2. Hi eduardo..I am a different person but am a massive fan of Muscle Addict inc and have made many comments on his blog. Have a look at comments on previous post (Art Atwood post) which explains it. Like you, I too am obsessed with bodybuilding but are particularly aroused by muscle bulls, roid monsters and other types of 'big' muscle men. I hadn't thought about horses in that way but see why you're obsessed with that too..powerful, virile and muscular. Zoomorphic words such as'bears', 'bulls', 'stallions', 'ponies', 'cubs' are great ways to describe different types of muscle. Have you seen another blog called the 'Infd blog'..(International Federation of Naked Bodybuilding) some amazing photoshop pics of mega musclemen with huge cocks.

    3. yeah ukmusclnut i love Zoomorphic words as bulls horses Rhinos gorillas the misx of human and aniamals make me cum !we have the same dirty sexual desires for beasts ! i have a tumblr with a lot of muscle beasts creat a account on tumblr for you and folow me reposting my pics visit
      i want to talk with you about pervert muscles beast desires

  7. Peter Molnar and El Bey Chamseddine are two fucking handsome young muscle studs !! FUCK YEAHH.. I LOVE Peter Molnar ´s cute face and El Bey´s pecs Mmmmmm
    Michael Lockett no doubt is the most masculine beautiful black stallion ALIVE in bodybuilding today check out those big legs and Bum Without talking about your jaw and masculine angular face

    1. Angel Vargas Peter Molnar and El Bey Chamseddine 3 new youngu beef bulls The Promise to 2017 Omg what do you think about these 3 muscle fuckers Worldwide?

    2. They're all champions and have a bright future ahead in the sport. As I have a weakness for short bulls, Angel Vargas is the one who most draws my attention among the 3 of them.

  8. Alexey Shabunya,Peter Molna, Hadi Choopan Eduardo correa and Michael Lockett of course(the black god beauty) just bodybuilders beast who MADE ME CUM SO HARD AND FAST
    fuck me fuck me crazy Lockett and Shabunya fuck my straight male ass

  9. love your description s!!!! Are you the same anonymous who wrote all the other luscious mouth-watering comments? Always love the beefy pics.

    1. Yeah TW...shabunya, george michael, monsters, superheroes, federov, art atwood and this one.

  10. uauu dodidão Peter Molna é um garanhão belissimo e deixou os leitores loucos de tesão e o El Bey Chamseddine um touro baby né webmaster tesudo e suculento pra caralho dois potrancos queria saber mais fala mais desse El Bey Chamseddine idade onde compete ...
    agora o Alexey Shabunya e o Hadi Choopan são o touros reis desse blog destaque tambem para o Michael Lockett negão que chamou muito atencão dos leitores agora o El Bey Chamseddine é lindo pra caralho eu achei acho que é porque é novinho que nem eu 20 aninhos hehehehe

    1. El Bey tem 23 anos, pesa 112 kg e compete pela IFBB. Ele foi o segundo colocado na categoria júnior acima de 75 kg no mundial de juniores e masters da IFBB em 2016.

  11. o Hungaro Peter Molna é um escandalo de cavalão mermo assim como o mexicano Angel Vargas e o El Bey Chamseddine to passado como os veteranos steve orton Maxx Charles nao foi citado como tmabem Big ramy e Hidetada Yamagishi agora o Hadi Choopan puta que pariu que tourasso persa iraniano tesudo pra cacete to de pau duro marcelão pooorra ele era um cavalo agora ta um touro não é o que esse puto fez?

  12. Esse Blog, é meu paraíso de machos maduros sarados!!!Os adoro desde sempre!!!Queria todos só pra mim!!!Colírios!!!WOW!!!Luiz(60)SãoPaulo,Cap.