Thursday, December 29, 2016

Monsters of 2016 part 2

Miha Zupan - Slovenia
Ahmad Ashkanani-Kuwait
Zouhair Wanous - Syria
Galal Reda - Egypt
Nathan de Asha -UK
Phil Heath - USA
Fabio Lopes - Portugal
Paulo Almeida - Canada
Randolph Naranjo - Venezuela
Eduardo Piñeda Jr. - Philippines
Fehd Karouani - France
Sergej Moser - Germany
Marcos Chacon - Spain
Alexander Federov - Russia
Behrooz Tabani - Iran
Nam Gyoung Yun - Korea
Abdelaziz Jelali - Morocco
Rafal Tasiemski - Poland
Tomas Tabaciar - Slovakia


  1. Alexander federov Forever! ! I wank a lot witb Ahmad askinani great arab stud

    1. Me too Scrotum! Federov is a massive favorite of mine. His muscle mass is beyond amazing, especially his huge striated legs. I also love his midsection. Most bobybuilders aim for a narrower waist but i love how his is wide yet still detailed and separated - so hot and pointing the way to him turning into a full blown muscle daddy in the next few years! So Alexander, keep lifting those heavy weights, keep taking the roids and keep growing! know you want to! Arab muscle men..don't even get me started on that subject!..fucking beauts! See-drool-tug-cum!

  2. Miha zupan e Alexander Federov of course! Paulo Almeida e Nam gyong são uma delicia também

  3. An incredible array of roided mega bulls.

  4. Randolph Naranjo and those fucking tiny posers and fucking groins !
    Nam Gyoung Yun hot bubble butt and horse legs
    Alexander federov the most fuckable roid bull
    Marcos Chacon the spanish bull those fucking bull quads

  5. Marcos Chacon Alexander federov and Miha zupan are hot mothafuckers muscle bulls i´d love to milk these fuckers everyday