Monday, December 26, 2016

Monsters of 2016 Part 1

Atieia Shalan - Egypt
Carlos Pereira - Brazil
Zoheir Mihoubi - Algeria
Samir Troudi - Sweden
Jo Nam Eun - Korea
William Bonac - Ghana
Luca Pennazzato - Italy
Petar Klancir - Croatia
Sandro Hofer - Switzerland
Shawn Rhoden - Jamaica
Dalibor Hajek - Czech Rep.
Ole Kristian Vaga - Norway
Dobri Delev - Bulgaria
Lionel Beyeke - Cameroon
Shaun Vasquez - USA
Roelly Winklaar - Curacao
Ashot Kagramanyan - Russia
Jordi Zafra - Spain


  1. E eu não tenho um monstro desses pra passar o reveilon numa cama redonda só nós dois...!!!Luiz(60)SãoPaulo,Cap.

  2. What a fantastic dick Sandro Hofer.

  3. No doubt jo nam eum Sandro Hofer and Roelly winklaar the best beast of 2016 ♥ where is you Cochinolo?

  4. Shawn rhoden Ashot e Sandro Hofer osmais tesudos o sandro foi a revelação do ano

  5. I've just discovered your fantastic blog n have enjoyed making a few comments which I'll try to do regularly. You're certainly showcasing some hot muscle spcimens, catering for all tastes and i've particularly had my eyes open to korean bodybuilders..what a hot race of musclemen from that nation! I will certainly be going back for another look! Its great to read the other guys' comments n what aspects of muscle worship gets them hot under the callar. Ass licking appears understandably popular n i for one have regularly fantisized about latching onto a horned up, just off stage oiled up roid monster, working over his anal lips to taste the essence to sweat, oil n tan, testosterone n man juice!..what an amazing cocktail that would be! I love all kinds of muscle but am a real sucker for that blue callar white muscle monster/ grainy daddy look, bald heads, sticky out ears, sleeve tattoo, vascular as fuck n turtle shell abs. Not so bothered about pretty boy looks n actually turned on by less good looking guys who've compensated for their lack of handsomeness by building a hot as fuck mega physique. From this list Peter klancir, Dalibor Hejek n Jordi Zafra really get my attention..they've got it all! Thanks.

    1. YEAHH actually i´m turned to korean bodybuilders too they are very erotic i also love Peter klancir, Dalibor Hejek and in special Jordi Zafra
      what is your name my brother ? Make an account on google and comment more

  6. Ashot Kagramanyan hav a nice big tits ! Jo Nam Eum and william bonec THIS IS FUCKING GENETICS ITS FUCKING ROIDSSSSSSSSSSSSSS what steroids did they used ?

  7. Great fucking bodies i would Eat Jo Nam Eun Alive those massive legs
    I am 31 years old and I am horny all the time about bodybuilders Sometimes I will masturbate 2 - 3 times a day
    is this normal worldwide?

    1. Right there with you mate. I'm obsessed by bodybuilders and get off on them 2-3 times a day. Muscle monsters, roid bulls n daddies have fed into my wank fantasies since being a teenager. Their extreme beauty, masculinity and sheer exaggerated appearance and attitude epitomise everything i love to see in idealised maleness.

    2. Great description mate be WELLCOME ! what´s your name?i´m obecessed about muscle beasts too since my child ! hey
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  8. Jordi Zafra
    Sandro Hofer
    Petar klancir
    3 hot mothafuckers Muscle as fuck!
    Ashot and Jo Nam Eum make my dick hardened so much pulling the skin back on the head of my penis

  9. fucking jesus !!!Shawn Rhoden is a real musclegod from Jamaica those horse legs tease me william bonec real black bull
    Zoheir Mihoubi i love his teeths
    say blogguer IS Zoheir Mihoubi´S FACE look like a Equine ?

  10. Last pic jordi is very attractive man nice built