Friday, October 7, 2016

Russian gorilla Arkady Velichko


  1. Arkady Velichko tottaly fuckable one of the hottest big ass ever
    what a russian bull

  2. One hot Russian mother effer...

    1. Yahh very very very very Mothafucka! Delerious Arkady Velichko is the fucking BOMB, RAINING DOWN hotness check out those Horse Quads and big Ass
      I've never seen such a beautiful man in the last times

  3. Arkadij Velichko é um tesão de macho um dos melhores que ja vi um par de coxas e uma bunda filha da mãe merecia repostagem com mais fotos muito pouco o post dele

  4. Damn! Legs, Ass, chest, arms!!!not really handsome boy, kinda creepy face, but BUTT is outstanding
    Arkady Velichko is a tottal mothafuker******

  5. Love that fucking pose. Pure, nasty, Arkadiy´s hamstrings muscle cables are crazy as fuck tell the truth blogguer!
    more more more Arkady velichko

  6. Arkady Velichko get me horny im hard rock this guy is fucking handsome and virily fuck Those quads! I want my tongue in that hole!

  7. To me legs and ass are muscle groups that capture my eye and excite me.
    Arkayd Velichko is amazing. He exudes power, I've watched videos of him squatting and he looks like an engine powering his way through sets, where others dare not follow - because they are too weak. The result is mega manly legs.
    Arkady's magnificent wheels
    More ArkadyGlute & Quad flexing
    Arkady Pumping his way to muscle magnificence
    Pumps weight with ease

    He still has some work to do on his upper body, but that doesn't take away from his splendour and power.

    @ Zoltan, I like his deep set eyes and that prominent forehead, very manly.
    @ Taurus, he's a stud and to taste his hole of even sniff it would be a delight, preferably after he's finished his leg work out.

  8. Esse cara é simplesmente "de-li-ci-o-so"...!!!Luiz,São Paulo,Cap.