Friday, October 7, 2016

Hot beast from Britain Wayne Niemiec


  1. insane muscle beast

  2. Ugly! He needs to keep his tongue in his mouth.

    1. Beautiful the tongue out is the hottest thing in the bodybuilder

    2. I'm a big fan of Wayne, I think he is so astonishingly sexy. I find tongues very hot also.
      Wayne reminds me of those animated cartoons of human figures with horns and a tail. Wayne is no daemon, but is pure sex, from head to toe. Muscles popping everywhere, lush lips and a hot tongue.
      I love the grimaced face, I find it even more sexy, all that rage in his body manifesting itself in tensed face.
      For me he can do no wrong.
      Thanks M for featuring this sex god.

    3. Sex with him is pretty incredible, too. He's now a DILF though, and his current girlfriend is super protective so getting his cock behind her back gets more and more difficult, S.D. xoxo

  3. Êita coisa boa que é macho...!!! De speedo melhor ainda...!!!Luiz,São Paulo,Cap.