Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mexican muscle 18: Waldo Garcia

with Jair Espino 


  1. omg he´s fuckable ! Waldo Garcia make cum with that gladiator costume
    what a fuckin huge legs wofffff
    thanks webmaster

  2. Great back . His traps, shoulders, and upper arms are HUGE and those legs massive like a horse
    Waldo Garcia is really unattractive face...ugh! those gay businessmen in the mexico must subsidize his training (food, drugs, housing) in exchange for sexual favors

    1. Unattractive face? We are looking at the same pics, aren't we? That was the first thing that caught my attention before his amazing body. And if he's truly living a life as you described, you can be sure he's not the only one.

  3. Looking good, beefy, and smooth! Very tight. Nice well built legs.
    That 8º pic of him is so beautiful. Skin like an ivory statue.
    i loved their videos so sexy and hot
    Mexican men are Hot as Hell

  4. what a sexy beast. HOT AS FUCK! Perfect butt and legs IM CRAZY HORNY!! about Aztecs and gladiators i want to oil him up and have my way with him. I want him. more muscle freaks plz.

    Spanish bodybuilder Carlos Asensio

  5. Waldo Garcia is a fucker Short Arse! this mothafucker never reveals his height but this guy has Strong Glutes and enormous legs . yeah it is horny very horny
    how much it measures?

    i want to see the Spanish bodybuilder Carlos Asensio

  6. this guy is perfect !! what a sexy beast. want to oil him up and have my way with him. Perfect butt. I want him in off season everytime in my bed . more muscle freaks plz.
    please load more about the Spanish bodybuilder Carlos Asensio

  7. Amazing thickness on those pecs. IMAGE # 8 Makes my mouth water. FUCK!
    I'd love to devour a muscle gladiator´ass like that

  8. waldo es campeón mundial amateur de la wbff del año 2012 y 5to lugar mundial profesional 2013 este hombre tienes grandes brazos y pinernas Waldo García, un atleta de bajita estatura pero muy poderoso
    cuanto de estatura mides Waldo ?

  9. FUCKABLE as Hell! Waldo Garcia is very hot i love those massive horse legs ! his handsome face make me wet he looks like short
    Marcelo what is your measure?

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