Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mexican muscle 10: Eduardo De La Cruz


  1. He's a ten, literally. What a gorgeous man. That last photo is especially breathtaking. Loving the video as well. I want to touch his pecs, suck on his nipples and look him in those beautiful eyes while I'm pleasuring him. He's so dreamy.

  2. wow what a beautiful specimen of male ! they are things you can only find in Mexico!!
    i love their muscles and his male face!!! Eduardo De La Cruz is one the hottest guys posted on the blog!!

  3. AWESOME trapeze and neck .yeah this roided Mexican bull is pure lust! I can smell the testosterone that guy ,
    God bless steroids!!

  4. Eduardo De La Cruz is the most fuckable man ever !! this muscle god tease me so much
    latino men are just gorgeous. i would do anything he would want me to. How I'd like to put my hands on it, touch it, grab it and worship his chest and arms
    it has a super look masculine

  5. Delicioso!! e a cara de garanhão macho safado que tem esse eduardo de la cruz filha da puta um dos putos mais gostosos já postados no blog rosto viril um olhar forte adoro sua mandibula seus musculos coxudo e bundudo pra caralho !!
    esses mexicanos são o suprasumo do tesão que machos são esses porra?

  6. fuuuck he makes my mouth water! Help I'm squirt out cum. he´s just edible massive and hot as stallion check out those big arms !! Shit
    Where do you find these guys? How long will you torture us with these Mexicans Beasts?