Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mexican muscle 13: José Huerta "Titan"


  1. massive like a bull! José Huerta has the hottest quads ever! i lov pics 4 and 7 i wnat this dude for me
    is it just me or Mexican resemble the Arabs? Mexicans and Arabs have some relatedness in common?

    1. I think so, because Spain was conquered by the Arabs and Mexico was conquered by the Spaniards.

    2. Spanish and Mexican have a strong arabic origin they load all that manhood and masculinity existing in the Arab world . Mexicans beyond genetic arabic still have another factor the indigenous genetic
      which makes them even hotter !!!
      I confess that I have never seen so sexy man in my life in one country!

  2. His mother is Greek and his father is Mexican

  3. this guy have amazing horse legs! their arms shouders and chest are amazing too. the level of testosterone of these mexican guys are incredible

  4. josé Huerta is a musclegod in precontest and offseason he´s hot in both !!
    look at this image http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-1x8pTFGIOsY/VVr2Yh4yXwI/AAAAAAAApBs/l_zrSURAThs/s1600/jose%2Bhuerta91.jpg
    omg it´s spetacular!! i love his massive body
    what a legs!
    once again the Mexican proving to be the sexiest men in the world!!

  5. his guy has got a very impressive musclebody!!! he´s gorgeous giant and massive josé Huerta have a craziest off season body
    OMG, any measurements?

  6. Fuck yeah!
    What. Beast!!!!! So big,so huge,so handsome,so powerful.Massive upper body
    i need to see his giant muscle ASS!!! please WEBMASTER

  7. wow great handsome young muscle bull. HUERTA is massive and stunning this boy make me cum ! what a legs