Sunday, March 1, 2015

Muscle star from Belarus Alexey Shabunya


  1. No comments are you kidding me??? This is the most handsome, Russian bull, Muscle God, ever....what a physique...think he's the Arnold of his generation...

    1. fuck the most fuckable russian bull ever!!!!
      it is impossible to have no comment about Alexey Shabunya i´d love to milk his BULL dick !!! and toungue up his Bull ass!

    2. Me too! A hyper butch Stud!Body hot as fuck!Would love him to shoot his man cream all over me!

    3. Me too! A hyper butch Stud!Body hot as fuck!Would love him to shoot his man cream all over me!

  2. wofffff Alexey Shabuny is masive like a bull! the top 10 of the bodybuilding world
    what a legs!!!! i´m jerk a lot watching that legs

  3. SCANDALOUS!!! MUSCLE HORNY BULL!! : Alexey is my kind of man massive and hot
    with killer quads big ass and massive pecs
    pic one woofffff!

  4. He's utterly GORGEOUS!!!

  5. puta que pariu!! vai tomar no cú! bicho gostoso do caralho esse Alexey Shabunya touraço esse filha da puta se brincar é o mais tesudo do blog e alexey lesukov é outro e ah esses touros Russos sempre os melhores do bodybuilding acabam comigo
    me perdoe os arabes latinos africanos mais os Russos são demais
    né não Marcelo??

  6. STUNNING COLOSSAL Muscle God ! without doub Alexey Shabunya is the most fuckable bodybuilder in All Over The World i´s a top of massive muscles
    check out that necks shoulders and arms absolutely stunning !!
    excuse me Now Go! I Need To Masturbate.

  7. Holy crap what a Muscle god!!! We Have Come to Worship Him omg! that quads and glutes Alexey has Juicy Pecs and Nipples!!
    nothing compares to a Masive Russian bull
    what do you think Admin?
    great post thanks

  8. ******drools incontolably***** the most fucking handsome bodybuilder of the world
    Total perfection from head to toe.. Licklable Ass and big boobs !!
    I´d love To Wipe his sweaty Butt with my tongue

  9. yumm my tongue is dripping saliva!!!
    Alexey Shabunya is pure manhood massive like a bull not to mention that the son of a bitch is fucking handsome i love poser #11 it looks like a Greek statue
    dou You have the furry version of Alexey Shabunya????????????

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