Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Egyptian baby bull Big Galal


  1. Bogoss arabe. Superbe.

  2. super sexy stud!! Big Galal is a true arab stallion Massive and Definined
    Great Abs please i want to see his glutes

  3. caballo muscular hijo da puta!!! what a fucking huge legs
    Galal is spetacular handsome muscular and ripped at the same time the body of my dreams
    height and weight?

  4. omg! this guys has HORSE QUADS and perfect bubble butt
    I can honestly say that nothing is comparable to the euphoria of seeing a brutal leg workout, only to see a pair of largely striated legs staring back at you when you hoist the shorts over your legs

  5. Holy...frickin'...hell.I'm having a stroke !! last pic check out those big tits

    1. I love arabs more than latin skin. My only complaint is that he seems to shave his legs. Hairy is hotter.
      please which means the expression I'm having a stroke in sexworld?

  6. Those abs are something to behold....

  7. He looks great! Superboobs side chest. Massive upper body.
    .He's also got a delicious behind.
    show us his ass please!

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