Saturday, March 7, 2015

Heart-stopping Mexican little bull Angel Vargas


  1. edible !!! fuckable i love lettle bulls too !! what a legs!

  2. Heart-stopping !! is very dense and muscular perfect short bull!
    please Angel Vargas´ height?

  3. that motha fucka prly bullet proof.
    horny dude with AWESOME physice , the dude is a beast

  4. Angel Vargas has a big legs...He would probably laugh at yours..
    i imagine his squat routine is non existent. would love to see his legs just to point and laugh
    He's be pretty awesome against a taser... and drooling on himself after he wakes up with my cock in his ass

  5. wooff incredible muscle legs and ass!! Angel is massive as fuck!
    he has a good genetics for legs
    can someone tell me your measurements?

  6. Awesome hamstrings and glutes dense, freaky, otherworldly legs
    THIS GUY tease me !!
    please more little bulls

  7. puta que pariu Marcelo que coxas filhas da puta essas desse Angel Vargas sem falar nos gluteos enormes qual a altura desse sacana? esses touros baixinhos são uns putos de gostosos né?

  8. Awesome Angel vargas despite his short stature is a big bull look at the size of the buttocks and quads! everyone wants to fuck his ass

  9. Wow, very impressive.
    Great overall muscle size and thickness.
    Perfect symmetry, broad shoulders, tiny waist, huge legs, aggressive posing.
    Totally powerful, kudos to him.