Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Luciano "Wolverine" Nunes part 2


  1. # 5 BOOTYLICIOUS !!! lol !!! Luciano Nunes is the hottest Wolverine ever!!!!!
    i just love his Huge, ripped and STRONG muscle body
    thanks webmaster

  2. Guttman G you got it totally correct. Watch the video, especially the second on...that ass looks hot as hell...

  3. i love the character wolverineI've lost count how many times i masturbat thiking in wolverine this brazilian guy is horny i can imagene his furry muscle bubble butt!!

  4. Motherfucker!!!!!!!!!!! I'd love to take a finger on his ass..... Luciano is massive as bull # 3 and 4 are hot I'd love to bury my face in those buttocks
    the most fuckable brazilian bodybuilder i´ve seen ever!!!

  5. Goddamn SON OF BITCH! he has a freak big Quads 'It is impossible not to notice his ASS!! completely fuckable.

  6. DELICIOUS !!!!!!!!!!! Luciano Nunes is hot as fuck!!!!!!!!!!! i love that Swimming Trunk on the beach
    Marcel did this guy nude photos?

    1. oh god! I'd love that he had done gayporn!!!!!!!!!!
      this guy is a dream man !!!!

  7. literally his back is amazing Luciano Nunes has A big ass juicy burger just begging to be devoured!!! YUMNNNN
    I have to admit it is one of the hottest already posted here on the blog!
    hell put it on your blog layot
    thank you