Saturday, January 24, 2015

Gods of Iranian bodybuilding

Babak Akbarnia
Mehdi Sabzevari
Hasan Panahi
Isaac Ghavidel
Reza Bagher Zadeh
Hassan Rahnamaiean
Hasan Khosravi
Mojtaba Notarki
Ali Tabrizi
Ali Imani
Mehdi Ayari
Mohsen Ghorannevis
Mehdi Hatami
Khalil Asadi
Hadi Zare
Akbar Barani
Morteza Roshanzamir
Hadi Choopan
Reza Zinatlov
Reza Nouri Ara
Reza Taghadossi
Saied Noori
Naderi Reza
Baitollah Abbaspour
Salar Maladi
Payam Mofarrahi


  1. They really are gods...who what's in the water over there???

  2. NO JOKE!!! 21 of 25 of these men truly are gods! Probably as many high-caliber bodybuilders as in the USA, which is insane considering.

  3. incredible lot of muscle iranian beasts! Babak Akbarnia amazing hot glutes
    Hasan Khosravi and Hassan Rahnamaiean the biggest legs ever!!!!!!!!!
    Hadi Zare sexy torso i love this stud
    great post dude !!!! please i want to see all these guys´ glutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. so heaven does exists! Damn those Iranian Horses looks tasty
    baby i want to put my cock in your men pussies i want to fuck u hard them make me crazy!!!!!!
    Baitollah Abbaspour and Morteza Roshanzamir i want their men pussies!!!!

  5. HOT delicius these Arabs motherfuckers are pure Manhood!!! it ozze testosterone During sweaty sex, men ooze testosterone!!
    especially Arabs
    Payam Mofarrahi and Ali Tabrizi are my favourite Tabrizi is fucking handsome !!!

  6. Fucking the most handsome male bodybuilder of the world!!!!!!! Ali Tabrizi
    Reza Bagher Zadeh great pecs Mohsen Ghorannevis woof i love his groins and legs
    Payam Mofarrahi is very hot too!!

  7. Hasan Khosravi and Mojtaba Notarki are two real arab studs!!!!
    undoubtedly Ali Tabriz is the hottest and handsome of this list this guy is perfect but i my the best is Baitollah Abbaspour it has a great sexappeal incredible muscle density

  8. eu comeria todos esses cavalos Iranianos PUTA QUE PARIU!! um mais gostoso que outro esse Babak Akbarnia tem um puta rabo queria ver ele em off season!!
    gostei das coxas vascularizdas de Hasan Panahi o bicho!!!
    agora o Hadi Zare é um cavalo batizado posta ele ai Marcelo bicho gostoso do caralho!!!

    1. AH!! e que porra de genetica é esses que esses filhos da puta trem?? deve ser algo na comida desses cavalos

  9. Iranian bulls look like they are made of muscle because they have a mix in the gene
    Ali Imani Mehdi Ayari and Baitollah Abbaspour These dude are an absolute beast
    Payam Mofarrahi and Ali Tabrizi beyond beautiful hunks they are very muscled
    great post Marcelo

  10. That's a lot of BULL!
    Morteza Roshanzamir is edible His hind leg muscles are so strong that, when he sits and the muscles bunch, his butt does not touch the ground. He looks something like a Pit Bull on steroids.
    please blogger put pics of Morteza Roshanzamir !!!!!

  11. My top five
    Morteza Roshanzamir
    Reza Nouri Ara
    Hassan Rahnamaiean
    Ali Tabrizi
    Hadi Choopan
    Impossible to pick just one............ LOL!!!!

  12. Let me clarify something here: Iranians are not Arabs, they are Persians, they don't speak Arabic, their language is Farsi (modern Persian), which is an Indo-European language, while Arabic is a Semitic language. There's a small Arab community living in Iran, but I don't believe any of the bodybuilders above are from this community as their names don't sound like Arabic.

  13. Arabs or Persians these guys are fuckables! Reza Nouri Ara and Baitollah Abbaspour are two Persian muscle gods!
    Akbar Barani has a freak monster quads
    Ali Tabrizi is the most beautiful Persian GOD !
    i want Ali Tabrizi naked here!!

  14. Khalil asadi is so handsome, check his instagram

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