Saturday, January 17, 2015

Egyptian alpha muscle Nader Malalla


  1. He's got it all. Amazing egyptian. Also, big points for that white compression shirt. Shows no shame showing his roid gut. He knows what people really like. Not usually a fan of facial hair, but he wears it perfectly. Very hot bodybuilder.

    1. I felt you so much Cochinolo! yeah I felt you so much is hot as fuck i love pic 6 what an ass Egyptians have bless gluteos they are huge and round
      anilingus is the current trend for that ass

  2. Nader Malalla is a real egyptian stud ! i wanna a rimjob in that ass his legs are very massive i love his groins and facial hair too
    M. can you put pics of Nader hairy?

  3. Amazing ! I feel the smell of his testosterone away i love so much these egptian beasts Nader is one of my favourites
    why egpitian men have asses so huge?????

  4. incredible arabic stud ! sexy arse and back!! check out the veins of the groins in the last pics i love it hey blogger post pics of groins please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!