Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Goliath from Curacao Roelly Winklaar at the 2016 Mr. Olympia


  1. Roelly winkllar is fuck as hell What beef and meaty ass!would bury my face in that ass I wonder if he tongued that ass?

  2. Ohhhh my god black bodybuilders are such sexy gorilla im horny of this mothafucka and look at the size of his tree trunk legs
    those boots are big

  3. Roelly is a dream. Nothing short of perfection. How I would love to enjoy the time with him on sandy beaches of Curacao, drinking cocktails and having the time of our lives.

    1. yeah cochinolo Roelly winklaar is a true dream Blacks are really built. Nobody comes close!I really want to fuck that black ass! So sexy butt!Those black bodies make me hard! his pecs are enormous slabs of muscle,
      and look at the size of his tree trunk legs
      hey marcelo what do you think about blacks bb?

    2. White, black or yellow, most bodybuilders are beautiful monsters.