Sunday, September 4, 2016

Canadian superman Christopher Bumstead

with Brandon Corbett


  1. No comments? Well, I'd like to let you know that Chris is my future husband, although he doesn't know me yet.

  2. Chris is absolute male perfection, flawless muscled condition and so breathtakingly handsome that you'd think he was designed by a computer.

  3. M, it wasn't too long ago you featured Chris Bumstead. He hasn't changed much since the last feature, except he is more thinner than before due to competition.
    Genetically he is really in the upper echelons of bodybuilding, and to top it all he is a super handsome Canadian.
    Needless to say, you have a good eye for future husbands ...

  4. What a georgeous lean physique. This kid is so beautiful, I'd f**k him till my cock fell off. Really prefer his look to huge dudes. Love the way the black posers fit him as well.