Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Muscles of Canada 2

Vincent Wawryk
Patrick Gregoire
 Riley Janzen
Mark Newby
Jimmy Gariepy
Tony Searle
Mike Johnson
Greg Kovacs
Gregory Ulysse
Dan Fedeluk
Mike Zylstra
Mike Van Wyck
Marc Andrade
Frank MacGrath
Dustin Cosman
Robert Belisle
Loutfi Ajaoun
Mike Cipriani
Reinaldo Gairy
Hassan Jama
John Aiello
Mboya Edwards
Dorian Hamilton
Henri Pierre Ano
Mark Richman
Alexandre Raymond
Greg Doucette
André Charette
Danny Garon
Steve Brisbois
Nelson da Silva
Antoine Valliere
Ian Valliere
Carlos Rabiei
Reza Amin Torabi
Marko Zaborac
Brandon Corbett
Samer Zebib
Jerome Bravo
Mahmoud Al Durrah
Claude Groulx
Marlon John


  1. Samer Zebib patrick gregory grec kovecs é incrivel a variedade machos do canada só gostosos

  2. André Charette is fucking hot and handsome like a horse ! i want him posted on this blog Gregory Ulysse and Marko Zaborac is another muscle stallions

  3. What's in the water up there? It sure is producing a lot of very handsome, muscular beauties.thanks for another excellent post.

  4. Reinaldo Gairy total black horse quads ! Mmmmmm Nelson da Silva Frank MacGrath and André Charette are the most fuckable guys

  5. puta que pariu esses Nelson da Silva e Mark Richman que 2 tourões do cralho quero posts do
    Nelson da Silva
    Samer Zebib
    Jerome Bravo
    Reinaldo Gairy negão cavaludo coxudo do caralho

  6. Daaamn Canada! What a diversified ethnicity and so many big men with small cocks. Just beautiful.

  7. Puta que pariu Andre charlete e Nelson da Silva dois putassos deliciosos queria os doí e que tanto bodybuilder gostoso é macho bonitos sao esses que tem no Canadá? Puta que pariu!

  8. M thanks for the expose on Canada, like the one you did for Brazil. I never knew Canada had so many muscle monsters - fantastic.
    Those featured here are all good, but those that caught my eye were
    Cipriani - an unnoticed champion.
    Gairy - nice symmetry
    Raymond - class symmetry
    Doucette - pure power
    Garon - blew me away with his physique. Those freaky quads, popping traps and bald head.
    Vaillant - a well established champ.
    Rabiei - chiseled and powerful.
    Cosman - fine proportions and very masculine.
    Andrade - Mr Symmetry
    Newby - up and coming muscle freak.
    Thanks M.

    1. Yea oceej Canada surprise me too What a diversified ethnicity and beautiful men fuck! I want Nelson Silva and Those big legs