Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Moon muscles

Angel Higueras - Spain
Steve Orton-New Zealand
Rodrigo Junqueira-Brazil
Regan Grimes - Canada
Nathan Roe-Australia
Nathan Williamson - New Zealand
Arthur Groenefelt - Holland
Jorge Barrios - Spain
Jean Carlos Zapata - Peru


  1. Delicia de bundas eu adoro glúteos

  2. Steve Orton have the hottest ass ever! i love men on moon poser

  3. These firm latino butts need to be filled with cum. They're teasing so hard it's cumming out on it's own. It must feel like heaven being inside these muscle hunks and you just know they can't resist a prostate massage. The way these big butts swing from side to side when they walk and the way their posing briefs play with our imagination is so hipnotizing. If there ever comes out a video of bodybuilders walking for like 60 minutes and the camera is locked on their fat muscle butts, I'm buying it right away.

  4. No doubt Jorge Barrios and Nathan Roe from Australia are the best ! I heard that Australian and Spanish men have huge ass
    is true?

  5. I always thought Steve Orton the best butt on the planet but i confess that Nathan Roe nmake me cum
    what an ass i can to see his hairy buttcheks

  6. puta que pariu só cavaludo rabudo esse filho da puta do Steve Orton tem um rabo do caralho e o espanhol Jorge Barrios e a bunda do holandes Arthur Groenefelt é enorme quero post do Jorge Barrios

    1. caraio o Arthur Groenefelt tem um bundão musculoso gostei tambem mas prefiro o Nathan Roe é imprensão minha ou tem uns pelinhos pretos na bunda dele Marcelo ? que filho da puta!

  7. holy fuck what a good ASS can do!Steve Orton is the king of glutes Jorge Barrios Nathan Roe Regan Grimes and Arthur Groenefelt are hot
    gods save moonposers!!

  8. não existe uma bunda mais carnuda redonda do que a do Steve Orton confesso que a do Nathan Roe me deixou teso tambem assim como a do Jorge Barrios que deve ser um tourasso espanhol Nathan Williamson é é bem carnuda eu prefiro fotos do moon poser na academia quando eles estão suados arregaçam os seus shorts e cuecas e mostram seus bundões em off season e não em pre contaste como nos torneios acho bem mais tesudo assim

  9. Why yes what a great collection of muscled glutes. Who doesn't like the posers pulled up inside their crack. Thongs should be mandatory as these full back posers cover way too much.