Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ukrainian star Andrey Kukharchuk at the 2015 Arnold Classic Europe


  1. Check out that roid gut galore in pic #5. Instant hard-on.

  2. One of the best conditioned asses in the show. I love the ACE just to see gorgeous foreign bodybuilders.

  3. A hard and symmetrical physique, nice square jaw.
    The guy looks like he can pump like a human dynamo, be it in the gym or bedroom. He's a looks like a total stud.

  4. Russian Ukranian whatever, these guys have a unique look. They have incredible bodies...must have tremendous ethic. Though he looks like he spent too much time in the toaster...hard to see his musculature through all that paint.

    1. What a magnificent specimen we have in Andriy Kuharchuk he is a triumph of male glory. He may come to my bed any day for as long as he likes. His square face invites me; his chest and nipples drive me crazy. Ukranian and russian and others eastern guys are a tasty mouthful indeed

  5. omg!! pic 7 what juice pecs Andrey Kukharchuk is fuckable and virily i love Ukrainian studs Eastern European males are handsome !
    great post

  6. filha d puta muito gostoso adoro aquele quaixo quadrado que garanhão ucranianos e também azerbajões são deliciosos mesmo esse Andrey tem umas tetas filha da mãe de tesudas