Saturday, September 19, 2015

Big Ramy the pharao of bodybuilding


  1. big ramy esse filha da puta é delicioso o faraó touro rei do bodybuilding rabos e coxas monstros seu semen vale milhões

  2. Egyptian big beast! Big Ramy is fucking sexy and ridiculously brawny. i love those big pecs and legs ! Can anyone tell me what is lacking for him to be the next Mr. Olympia?

  3. true bull! What a hot butt! An ass like this should always wear a jockstrap.dammmm Was he born with that legs? this guy has the most beautiful quads in the world!
    fuck me my pharao!

    1. Yes he has an ass I could eat for hours big ramy have big Lats back and arms too egyptian guys makes my mouth wet

  4. this guy is a big fucking Mosnter egpitian Bull!! man, these arab dudes on === always such FINE asses and legs .. Mamdouh Elssbiay is Absolutely perfect. Would love to have him thrust into me. His bubble butt is a gay man's fantasy. their asses are amazingly hairy and buff
    please blogguer load pics of big ramy in hairy off season

  5. No doubt he is one of the sexiest beefy bulls of the planet. BIG RAMY is a huge specimen of man THEY have good genetics for legs and big glutes!! the next Mr olympia 2015

  6. Ô bicho bom esse big ramy é um jumento rabudo e coxudo gostoso pra caralho! Filho da Puta gostoso é rei faraó do Egito