Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ukrainian muscle Andrey Kukharchuk


  1. wow : Andriy Kuharchuk is very hot it has a good shape i love that abs and his hairy chest he seems to have a massive ass too

  2. 100% fucking muscle ripped !Those first photos published he is super ripped and vascularized! i prefer his quads in off -season woffffff
    pic 6 and 8 look at those edible huge legs and round Bum !
    I'd love to stretch my tongue in his sweaty anus after several squat sessions

    1. dammmm have a good idea buddy Would love to sniff an rim both of those asses
      Was he born with that legs? this guy has one of the most beautiful quads i just love that furry pecs

  3. What a large back that back is so huge as the wings on a 747 Ukrainians are fuckin hot sexy exotic and beautiful Andriy is a huge specimen of man
    God gene ...

  4. So pale in the first 6 photos...get some color on that pale flesh...would really enhance that great physique. Also, try a blade on that hair.

  5. I've always been crazy about Ukrainian and Bulgarians bulls Andriy Kuharchuk is a real stallion breeding great legs trapz ripped abs this guy is perfect Totally stunning!!!! i´d love to milk him everyday
    please more Ukrainian and Bulgarians bulls ................