Saturday, November 22, 2014

Overall musclegod at the IFBB World Championship: Atia Shalaan (Egypt)


  1. For me, he is so handsome. But the handsomest is Ahmed shams

  2. sex egpytian bull !! Atiea Shalan is massive like a animal ! Yousri sayed is very hot too

  3. What can I say ? Damn he has it all.
    Whoa- I look BIGGER than I remember; must be a shot from my dream :-p
    Roided Beast!
    Egyptian are real gods My best friend went to Egypt and said that men are handsome sexy and hot as fuck

  4. caralho musculoso como um Touro não é a toa que esse filha da puta foi o campeão do ifbb
    olha o tamanho desse cara os jurados devem ter ficado de pau e grelo duro !!
    coxudo rabdudo do caralho . eu amo fisiculturistas egipicios

  5. HORNY ARAB BULL! Have I already mentioned my predilection for uncut, ARAB BODYBUILDERS men??? Why are you bloggers fucking with me like this…. now I am going to have to SPILL SEVERAL THICK LOADS before daybreak!!!!! HORNY FUCKERS!!!