Sunday, July 6, 2014

Jo Nam Eun - the beast is back!


  1. Holy fuck amazing beautiful Asian Bull ! dammmm Was he born with that legs? this guy has the most beautiful quads in the world!

  2. Drools uncontrollably!!!! the sexiest male that you've posted here on the blog!! i wanna see their fuck-off huge quads and round glutes Jo Nam Eun in off season please webmaster!!!!!

  3. Excelent post Sr. IT is much sexier in person Jo Nam Eun and me trained in the same gym. It loves to flex his quads wearing only trunks the others guys will the madness in the bathroom of the gym
    It was like watching a horse showing his big glutes and legs. he is much sexier in person
    more pics

    1. I envy you guy !! Wow Jo flexing his gluteus and thighs in front of you Would love to sniff an rim both of those gluteus of Jo
      and about you Worldwide What would you do?

    2. yeahh a lucky guy oh buddy Don´t you Took A Picture Of His quads or glutes?
      oh fucking god it is the vision of paradise

  4. He is just perfect. Nothing more to say. I also vote for off-season photos of Jo Nam Eun. I want to see his bloated belly and fat muscle ass.

  5. What a beautiful guy He is absolutely stunning --- Would do anything to spend even just an hour with him!!!i cant sto looking at that QUADS ! HANDSOME!!
    ASIANS all of them are delicious

  6. QUADZLA ! This guy has a fuck horny face and hot body one of the hottest moves bodybuilders can do on stage, for me, is wobble their fuck-off huge quads
    Jo Nam Eun makes me so horny when I saw their pictures in the previous post fuck what are those glutes? big like a ass bull a great ass for a rimming
    omg worldwide You got me crazy about Asians bodybuilders
    Jo Nam Eun FOREVER!!!

  7. Jon is bouldered as fuck. it has impressive quads no doubt a lot of squats in your training. There is much more recruitment of the hips, hamstrings and glutes I must admit while i'm seeing his last post i'm jerking off a lot about those huge quads and butt

  8. QUADS! QUADS! QUADS! It's fucking cool to see this korean beast flexing his huge quads and mosters glutes it was so fucking hot in that picture all flushed and sweaty and pumped, his shoulders, arms, back, lats, his huge glutes and his awesome quads shiny with sweat
    please of season pics of this ASIAN BEAST!!

  9. mothafucker i´m addict about asian bodybuilders i want more more more ............
    A fucking huge boner it´s like a fucking human stallion, man.Just thinking of him like that, I could jack off for hours in his fucking huge muscular body
    this stud has symmetry of the most beautiful male bodybuilders' legs I have ever seen.

  10. damm pics 1 and 5 Look at those big long legs what that guy does to have those legs? might be genetic I heard that Asians men have such big a**es and tights
    I never thought that koreans could be so fuckable this guy is my dream man !

  11. handsome face and hot body without doubt pecs ,abs , shoulders ,trapzius and quads in a perfect harmony
    can i know what his height?