Saturday, July 26, 2014

Beast parade at the 2014 NPC USA championships

David Fenty

Dusty Hanshaw

Eddie Bracamontes

Franklin Stimson

Garret Hawkins

Gerald Aikens

Hardeep Rai

Jonathan Ward

Kali Muscle

Matt Burzacott

Matt Porter

Mike Gritti


Phil Visicaro

Philip Bordelon

Shaun Vasquez

TJ Clark
Alvin Viernes

Benny Brentley

Bryan Balzano

Charles Curtis
Caleb Blanchard

Christopher Smith
Justin Rayner


  1. I'd like one order of Eddie Bracamontes. David Fenty can jump in too. Overall, great selection of real muscle men.

  2. a lot of muscle guys my fav are Eddie Bracamontes Kali Muscle, Christopher Smith and Nick Trigali !!!! woof America black guys are the hottest than white men WHY?

  3. Nice post mate! Nick should win his pro card at this show. Loving Bryan Balzano (painfully cute), Matt Porter (SHREDDED), and the cheeky looking fucker in the last pic with the crazy feathered quads!!

  4. fuck yeahhh Kali Muscle and Phil Visicaro tease me with their ripped bodies Franklin Stimson awesome huge quads woffff but i choose Eddie Bracamontes amazing mucle body

  5. TADAU, hard to tell as the white guys all paint themselves black...not a big fan of the tanning agent used, seems so unnatural and hides too much muscle detail. Just my opinion.

  6. wow Benny Brentley Christopher Smith and Kali Muscle are the best american black bulls
    no doubt Eddie Bracamontes is perfect handsome and has a gorgeous muscular body with awesome manly legs, a firm bubble butt and a perfect sized cock! He is delicious!

  7. they are beautiful and muscled! i love Eddie Bracamontes he´s win !!! Nick Trigali Phil Visicaro and Kali Muscle are fuckable has great potential. i want a post with all of them

  8. Very impressive line-up of competitors, was especially impressed with Jon Ward, as I knew next to nothing about him. I did some research on you tube, google, and muscular developments web-site, where alot of these guys are featured. I'm well acquainted with most of them, through facebook and the bodybuilding web-sites, i mean!

  9. muitos ai eu não conhecia Gerald Aikens Christopher Smith e Franklin Stimson são do caralho!!!! mas eu aposto no Nick Trigali puta que pariu que ombros que trapezio é esse?
    gostei muito do blog vou voltar sempre quero ver a bunda deles tbm sou louco por isso
    quando vai ser a competição?

  10. Eddie Bracamontes disparado o cara além de bonito tem um corpo musculoso robusto depois vem o Phil Visicaro e o negão Kali Muscle
    aff Marcelo a maioria dos comentarios é ingles por que poucos brasileiros comentam nesse blog? tu prefere que eu comente em inglês?
    vejam o video exclusivo do Bodybuilder Argentino Don Juan AKA Cruz Brando


    1. You can comment in the language you prefer but I have to speak in English because that's the universal language that most viewers understand.

  11. My favourites would be Nick Trigili, Franklin Stinson and Justin Rayner. Caleb Blanchard brings a good package, but was not up to his usual conditioning and development.

  12. My favourites muscle men are eddie bracamontes Nick Trigili, Franklin Stimson has a huge quads

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