Sunday, May 25, 2014

Young muscles-bulls in training

Sergio Areias & Sergio Costa-Portugal
Sam Schreder-USA
Felipe Mattos-Brazil
Nick Medici-USA
Lorenzo Becker-France
Piotr Borecki-Poland
Nathan De Asha-UK
Andrei Gogoase-Romania
Zé Carlinhos-Brazil
Kevin Wolter-Germany
Matt Norman-USA
Matthias Desmet-Belgium
Mahdi Zatparvar-Iran
Luis Bellatin-Peru
Larry Morrison-USA
Denis Maleev-Russia
Jonathan Irizarry-USA
Angel Diaz-Spain
Ivan Kotchekov-Russia
Fede Gonzalez-Argentina
Daniele Esposito-Italy
Kirill Tambovtsev-Belarus
Ismael Estrada-Mexico
Cristofer Cuenca-Spain
Christopher Filla Douglas-Chile
Borja Saura-Spain
Lucas Coelho-Brazil
Alex Truman-USA
Yovko Tihov-Bulgaria
Ahmed Shams-Egypt
Lucas Martins-Brazil


  1. Wow!! Awesome post with loads of young ripped up cuties! Nice work mate ;)

  2. fuckable amazing young bulls !!! my besst young bulls are
    Lorenzo Becker-France
    Lucas Martins-Brazil
    Felipe Mattos-Brazil
    smael Estrada-Mexico
    Matt Norman-USA

  3. oh dude you Tease us with a lot of young male bullsl !
    Sergio Costa i love his ripped body face and lips !
    Nick Medici has a strongest biceps of all !
    Lorenzo Becker the most massive legs and round glutes
    Angel Diaz hot as hell
    and Matt Norman is the hottest boy of all please i want a special post with Matt Norman!

  4. totaly eatables ! Brazilian boys are the most eatbles Lucas Martins is a hunk great pecs and shoulders
    motha fuckers make me wet

  5. Please post some more pictures of Ze Carlinhos (of Brazil). He's a cock stiffener, thank you.

  6. A great team of beff young boys in special to Cyril Tambotsev from russia Lucas Martins fro brazil and Ismael Estrada from mexico now Angel Diaz from spanish Get a boner for me!
    Sergio Costa from portugal is enough exotic i jus love exotic men please more pics of Sergio
    oh my dear Worldwide bodybuilder we're leaving you crazy with so many requests
    forgive us .... he he he

  7. wooff There's nothing better than a nice warm, juicy steak of young bulls
    Lucas Martins and Nick Medici are THE YOUNG BULL's MOST HOTTEST AND BEAUTIFUL of this post
    post more pictures of Nick and Lukas

  8. fuck! they are all sexy I would love to devour them all fuck look at the visible penis of Matthias Desmet and Jonathan Irizarry .... yummi...........
    I also liked of Matt Norman Lucas Martins and Sergio Costa . By the way Sergio Costa . has a sexy horseface he turns me so much
    i want him posted here please......

  9. Lorenzo Becker the most roided muscle guy these quads are monsters Lucas Martins and Cyril Tambotsev are amazing roided guys too