Saturday, May 31, 2014

German giant Kevin Wolter


  1. i want to be Kevin Wolter 's fucking bitch he look like young and handsome how old?
    is kevin one of your young bulls?

  2. Where has this huge bulging slab of gorgeous lad been all my life?! I swear, they're feeding German boys something to a) make them MASSIVE and b) make them CUTE! More please!

  3. How to gain muscle quickly like Kevin Wolter?
    Want to supersize your muscles quickly? Personal trainer Scott Laidler says the key is to damage the fibers in new ways, and then respect the amount of time they need to rest, heal and grow.
    omg! look how massive he is!

  4. Kevin is very similar to porn bodybuilder Christian power his backs are awesome
    i want to see Lorenzo Becker the most beautiful young bull!

  5. extremely gorgeous! Kevin i my dream shape ! stronger arms and shoulders
    How can I get a stronger shoulder like this?