Saturday, March 29, 2014

Portuguese alpha muscle Jorge Borges


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  2. I'm a young bodybuilder 19 and my whole life I've liked women, I like their curves, they are perfect in general!! About 2 months ago I've started to receive gay thoughts and I would start talking dirty to my gay friend Because he likes sex, so I thought it'd be funny to dirty talk But I wouldn't send pics though.. That's weird. I find gay porn arousing and would have gay sex.
    I would never date a guy that's just not me. I'm not emotionally attracted nor physically attracted to men. But if I see gay sex I like it. WTF. Also when I'm with friend I never look at a guy and think I would have sex with them. But if I see a girl with a big butt I love it and would want to date them. Ive never had sex either. Is this a phase?

    1. Same sex fantasies common among straight men! the overexposure and appreciation of male nudity are doing men were inflamed with lust for one another

      what do you think WORLDWIDEBODYBUILDER?

  3. if you are a teen then its perfectly normal. tens are very horny all the time and anything can get them aroussed. if thats the case then just go with it and have fun for now. probably wont amount to anything. sounds like your str8.
    im 17 and have the same things happen to me I feel a horny attracted for my muscle friends in the gym and with these muscled men posted here how not feel attracted to them?
    if u want to talk more lmk