Friday, March 28, 2014

Australian champion Abraham Elzaibak


  1. Thanks buddy!Incredible work I loved seeing these muscle beff guys Australians are so huge and has largest legs and beff ass!

  2. i enjoy so much these men with extra sizes! I mean much bigger muscles ,pecs legs asses ...
    yeahhh I had also noticed that Australians men have big butts and legs too why??

    1. Australian men with beefy asses and legs are sexy as ... love them.
      Good genetics and giving the legs the workout they deserve.

  3. fucked up shit!!!!!!!!! love muscle orcs Abraham Elzaibak is a hot orc! damnnn
    . i just enjoyed your post about God black bull Roelly winklaar. I can not imagine how many gallons of semen this breeding bull can produce

  4. third pic that shaved pubes !I'm having dirty thoughts about this guy now

  5. Abraham Elzaibak Routine 2014 Australian Pro:

    FitX 2012: Abraham Elzaibak posing:

    Guest pose and interview at the NABBA NSW Championships May 30th, 2010:

    Abraham Elzaibak - Competitor No 49 - Final - Class 2 - NABBA World 2010:

    Abraham Elzaibak (AUS), NABBA Worlds 2010:

    Abraham Elzaibak First Competition & Posedown :