Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 gods of bodybuilding part 3

Marijan Lipsinic-Croatia
Steve Orton-New Zealand
Liu Xinggang-China
Roman Fritz-Germany
Peter Molnar-Hungary
Cristovão Pinheiro-Brazil
Darren Ball-UK
Luis Gigena-Argentina
Oleksandr Slobodyanyuk-Ukraine
Mohammed Zakarya-Egypt
Mohammed Dashti-Kuwait
Ricardo Correia-Portugal
Sandro Hofer-Switzerland
Manolis Karamanlakis-Greece
Alexey Shabunya-Belarus
Alejandro Ortiz-Mexico
Juan Morel-USA
Alex dos Anjos-Brazil
Jean Carlos Zapata-Peru


  1. fuck I missed part 2 oh!dude post more slowly!
    wow Steve Orton the best bubble-butted!!!!!!!!!
    Manolis Karamanlakis and Peter Molnar best teats
    Oleksandr Slobodyanyuk and Marijan Lipsinic the most beautiful exotic faces! (my dick is hard now)
    Darren Ball absurdly freak hairy is better!
    Alexey Shabunya omg! the best backs and trapezius!
    and finally my fav boy Jean Carlos Zapata perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow Steve Orton is a huge specimen of man dat ass! Peter Molnar is so beautiful and buff .I also loved jean Carlos Zapata´s trunks dammmm

  3. The look on Marijan Lipsinic's face makes my mouth water!

  4. Totally agree. YUM! I think it's the hottest thing on earth! i´m ass man giant butt are my life! I´d love to see their glutes too. Steve Orton´s ass make me cum and Ricardo Correia seems to have a huge ass too!

  5. I will take all Latin American men in this post and take them home with me, please. OK, I'll be modest next year so just one bodybuilder will suffice.

  6. Steve Orton Who the fuck is this ass? I want to spread their buttocks and stick my tongue , and also make a rimming in the Arab bodybuilder Mohammed Zakarya
    I absolutely love rimming my partner I enjoyed this blog my pussy got wet!
    I'll be back kisses!!!

  7. Oleksandr Slobodyanyuk from Ukraine and Marijan Lipsinic Croatia are two sexy beasts who exude masculinity,. indeed Eastern Europe men are experts in exotic beauty.

  8. Mohammed Zakarya is in the top of my wish list!!! i like a hairy chest on a man.Why do modern men hate body hair? Hairy men are aggressively masculine. could you upload Jean Carlos Zapata in hairy version?

    1. Jean Carlos Zapata photos with hairy legs are here:

    2. wow! Jean Carlos Zapata hairy ! Vision of Paradise.

  9. Cristovão Pinheiro Alex dos Anjos e Darren Ball em minha opinião tem os melhores shapes desta lista suas medidas são perfeitas

  10. that guys man! the smooth blond dude with huge pecs -- holy crap! so fucking beautiful! i am so not straight for him i wanna have gay sex with him so bad. wow!

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