Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 gods of bodybuilding part 2

Alexandre Nataf-France
Tim Budesheim-Germany
Samy Ibrahim-Egypt
Ben Pakulski-Canada
Baitollah Abbaspour-Iran
Dennis Wolf-Germany
Paolo Fontana-Italy
Andrzej Maszewski-Poland
Bruno Moraes-Brazil
Branch Warren-USA
Matt Burzacott-USA
Alexey Lesukov - Russia
Lionel Beyeké-Cameroon
Feras Saied-Syria
Raul Carrasco
Chul Soon Hwang-Korea
Flex Lewis-UK
Sami Al Haddad-Bahrain


  1. omg! i can´t wait the part 2! omgf! Alexey Lesukov no comments muscle God
    Alexandre Nataf ,Branch Warren ,Feras Saied and Ben Pakulski (omg fukin quads) they´re my favourites

  2. woffff I´d kill to be in a crazy orgy with all these guys .Alexandre Nataf Ben Pakulski Alexey Lesukov and Branch Warren are strongest guys of the list
    I ´d eat for dessert Lionel Beyeké strawberry sauce
    worldwidebodybuilder what you like more in perversity?

  3. *Drool uncontrollably* I don´t know what the hell has the largest legs Ben Pakulski Baitollah or Warren? Alexey Lesukov has the biggest boobs fuck dat boobs!
    Feras Saied and Alexandre Nataf also seems to have massive legs and asses I would make a feast with them!
    great post man i´m a fan

  4. wooffff! I want them all in my harem. Alexey Lesukov is oconcur the best male bodybuilder ever
    Andrzej Maszewski is sexiest men i´ve seen i want his son in my belly
    Branch Warren has a glory fuck huge legs i want that quads for me
    Ben Pakulsk and Baitollah Abbaspour other delicious big thighs
    Lionel Beyeké this dark monster with their pouty red lips and his massive black body drive me crazy oh fuck i lov black guys
    about Feras Saied arabs are hot look at the size of that gluteus
    I would like to see a post from each with hottest pics
    dude prepare yourself in 2014 you will have lot of work

  5. oh my godness Ben Pakulski dat huge quads are these? What is the best workout for thighs and butt?

  6. Great post and some horned up comments although about 3 of them look like they were written by the same person? All have similar, one word lower case names and very similar writing styles, sentences which start with lower cases and littered with spelling mistakes.

    To the blog author - you might want to double check these aren't actually spam?

  7. omg!! Alexandre Nataf and Alexey Lesukov amazing perfection!
    Andrzej Maszewski super sexy man but i prefer him in off season!
    Ben Pakulsk has enormous quads like a horse! I'm amazed
    Dennis Wolf and Warren look dat fuckin huge legs i love them
    Chul Soon Hwang asians are so cute
    Feras Saied and Baitollah Abbaspour dispense comments arabian are the hottest male of the world Do not you think worldwide?