Saturday, October 21, 2017

American legend Vince Taylor


  1. Woof! Vince is one of the hottest muscle giants! And so damn good looking too! Feel like writing a real sexy comment featuring Vince in hopeless painful bondage

  2. Oh yes! I grew up with Vince Taylor! Not in the sense that we were buddies or even neighboUrs, I hasten to add - worse luck. This was where I would select him from my muscle mags and (if it's possible to do it with a photographic image) 'make love' to him! Pouring over and revelling in how meltingly handsome he was and the absolute magnificence of his beauty and amazing muscular physique! He was one of those guys who could literally make me swoon! So when I climaxed, I would make eye contact with him and blow. Ropes of my love juice would fire out, spilling onto wondrous Vince's godlike body as he's flexing out a double bicep or more likely for me, a crab most-muscular! This intimate experience leaving me entirely spent and breathless!
    Marcello, thank you for featuring such a living muscle god!

    1. OMG UKMN...I almost came myself reading your comment ... Vince has been around for awhile, but still gets the job done...great post. F

  3. OMG!! my adolescent sex fantasies Not just built and sexy. Handsome as all fuck. how many times i spanked the monkey to Vince Taylor
    Man, those pants must smell good after a hard sweaty workout.

  4. Sur la photo 10 VINCE est.... magnifique .Il dégage une force incroyable , un haut du corps sublime: pecs, biceps , largeur des épaules , abdos, jambes bien dessinées et des mollets ..... un exemple pour moi .Vince is STRONG and SEXY

  5. That Black Bull Vince Taylor is hot !I would love to wear my tongue out on this black He is explosively sexy!i want that muscle and hard ass all spread out for me
    I can imagine the smell of his sweaty black ass in my noose

  6. Vince is handsome, square jawed and very symmetrical. Still rocking the bodybuilding world after all these years.

  7. fuckable I'm hungry for black bulls like Vince Taylor TAKE OFF YOUR POSING TRUNKS AND MASTURBATE UNTILL YOU EJACULATE SEMEN!!!!!!!!!!!
    those fucking black full lips