Friday, June 23, 2017

Big toro boy from Colombia Sebastian Azuero


  1. Nope..lets see home in five years once he packs more beef on that frame...

  2. I do like the older more established muscle bulls compared to the younger muscle lads but, i must say, this hot roid youth is showing lots of beef, and potential for a great future. I especially like his hefty upper duobt really strong through lots of heavy squatting and not forgetting the roid injections too! So let's hope Anonymous he'll keep squating and roiding so he can co
    ntinue to grow to eventually form into grainy as fuck muscle oxen!

  3. Marcello mate if you want some recommendations for young shredded cutie patootie muscle pups like Sebastian to feature in blog posts I've got plenty!

    1. Yes, I'm always willing to feature lesser known bodybuilders here.

    2. Ok mate, few recommendations...

      Shalev Ledani - adorable orange trunk sportin' cutie from Israel!
      Cody Drobot - not sure if you've featured him already? Painfully gorgeous Canadian lad with an insanely conditioned bod on him (famous for his crazy vacuum pose)!
      Marcello De Angelis - this guy is fucking nuts!! Think he'd be popular with your readers mate.

      And if you're looking for young, shredded, roid guzzlin' cuties we've got a fair few here in the UK...

      Luke Ayling (aka Lukeykins - mine and UKmusclenut's official nickname for him..hehe!) - handsome bugger, jacked to shit and a cocky as fuck poser to boot (there's some awesome stage vids of him on YouTube)!
      Reece McDonald - Awesome Brit lad! So cute. So shredded.

      Drew Walker, Dean White and Guy Harding are all worth checking out!

    3. Thanks for the tips, Muscleaddict. Except for Marcelo De Angelis, none of the others have been posted here yet.

    4. You're very welcome matie! Apologies, I must have missed the Marcelo post. Another British lad who has got me and UKM into a bit of a flap lately with his scrunchy bugger posing is Christian Williams.

  4. My turn, my friends. This is what I go totally nutts over. tell me you wouldn't love to spend a night with this young, gorgeous muscle stud. Just imagine lying with your face in that vacuum stroking his young granite cock with a head like polished marble and hearing his young moans and able to do anything you want because of his limitless energy. I could go on but you get my point. Just my humble taste in male perfection.

  5. Anonymous! Mate....Please! Go on! Love the idea of you resting your head in his vacuum...WHAT A HOT PICTURE!