Monday, May 15, 2017

Swiss beef bull Renato Moccia


  1. Roided beef bull omg no doubt swiss have one of the hottest beef bulls on the planet

  2. Renato Moccia 100% Meat Steak check out that Muscular sweaty body !
    I´d like to spend my tongue on that beef Bull
    hey blogger What is the taste of a Swiss bull like Renato?

    1. I've never tasted a Swiss bull but I assume it must be delicious.

    2. oh fuckinh hot Renato Moccia taste so good! what Bull exuding steroides ans testosterone i can smell his Manhood coming out from his skin pores everytime I squueze my nose in my computer
      Marcelo you mothafucka do not you at least have an idea of how it´s a Swiss Bull 's Smell ?
      fuck tease me

  3. Perfeito especime macho que bovino do cacete isso daria um banquete daqueles touros suíços devem cheirar a leite preciso ir a suíça urgente beber leite de pau de bodybuilders suíços não aguentamos mais Marcelo!

  4. Just look at those swollen mega pecs that are in need of serious worshipping.