Tuesday, February 21, 2017

British baby monster Josh McHale


  1. He's off to a flying start, good natural symmetry. Good separation and muscle fullness, no obvious weaknesses. Powerful dude.

  2. What a great welcome back! This God is right up my street. Dense muscle packed in everywhere. He's got some growing to do, but it's already so so so good! Great posers, handsome face. I'm sold. Sign me up to worship him now.

  3. Yay!! So glad you decided to do a post on this lad WBB! Fuck me he's cute. I just wanna punch his cheeks (the ones on his chops AND the ones he keeps in the seat of his posers). He looks like a right cheeky little rapscallion too. As for the bod...FOOOKIN ELL!! What a beefy little bugger! Big bulging biceps, a big beefy bottom, a pair of bulbous balloon-esque boobies. Have I missed anything? Oh yeah. Silly me. LOOK AT THOSE ABS!! Those things are fucking beautiful. Perfectly shaped bumps of juicy muscle just bursting through his drum-tight tum-tum!

    I'm guessing Josh is a) from t'up north like the best British bodybuilders are (or at least the Midlands) and b) a working class lad. You just don't get middle-class/well spoken/posh British bodybuilders! It just wouldn't be right either. Imagine..."and the first place Mr Britain trophy goes to....Barnaby Etheridge-Smyth. And second place...his twin brother Darwin"! Mommy dearest would be terribly proud, shouting out as her sons collected their trophies. "Bravo chaps! A spiffingly splendid turn of events indeed"! (Daddy couldn't make the show - he had a business lunch in Monaco). Of course, Barnaby and Darwin have their parents to thank for their bodybuilding success. It was they who paid for the steroids, and the personal trainer - Barry aka "Big Bazza". A bald, tattooed ex Mr Universe competitor from Doncaster. The lads had a terribly troublesome time deciphering Bazza's accent at first but Mommy Dearest thought it was really quite charming! She loved him calling her things like 'pet' 'chuck' and 'love', how he pronounced bath without an R (imagine!) and hearings about things like gamboles (Southerners don't know what they are!!) and the wonders of chips and gravy.

    1. What a description MA! And yeah he's definitely from up north. I would say he's got a whippet and flat cap stashed somewhere, except those posers don't leave room for anything else except his big, beautiful, beefy, bum!

  4. Are you sure that he is really a baby ? lol

  5. Bebezão do papai!!!WOW!!!Yeah Luiz(60)SãoPaulo,Brasil.