Sunday, July 17, 2016

Muscles of Canada Part 1

Fouad Abiad

Zane Watson
Christopher Bumstead
Joe Seeman
Ashley Whittington
Ben Pakulski
Bob Weatherill
Dana Baker
Frantz Prevaly
Johnny Doull
Paulo Almeida
Ron Partlow
Ryan Malo
Santana Anderson
Sammy Nagib
Regan Grimes
Paul Dillet


  1. Fouad Abiad very nice massive great dick.I like Fouad dick.

  2. Love this post. Showcasing muscle from one country. John Seeman (interesting name) must have the worlds smallest those are the smallest posers I've ever seen...

  3. puta que pariu só o paull dillet vale por 1000 o canada é uma maquina de fazer machos bonitos e sobre esse o bodybuilder capriese murray queria saber mais dele dizem nos forum que fez porno sabe me dizer?
    aqui ele jovem com o gostoso do rodney st cloud quero um post dele

    1. I've read somehere Rodney used to be with FDNY ,but got fired after they found out he is doing male escort . Capriese Murray and Kai used to dance&strip together .I think he owns and run male escort service now he's a successful businessman now running the MALE escort service

  4. WOFFF Regan Grimes ,Frantz Prevaly ,Dana Baker and Joe Seeman are the hottest guys i love Joe Seeman´s quads fuck!
    God bless Canada

  5. these guys are hot as fuck Paulo Almeida and Paul Dillet are my favourte canadian beast i´d love to milk Paul Dillet´s cock!!!
    Fouad Abiad and Joe Seeman both have a big horse legs
    great post Marcelo

  6. Damn, this is crazy genetic CANADA HAVE A LOT OF muscle studs Paulo Almeida IS FUCKING SEXY !I become a fan of Canadian men when i watched porn video call of wild and montral men from kristen bjorn
    it is amazing how Canadians male have thick legs and big butts Have you ever noticed that Oceej? Can you explain this phenomenon?

    1. @Gluteos Z, I have noticed Canadian men do have decent to very good legs and butts to match. Can I explain it? I can guess good genetics and they are not afraid to push their legs hard in the gym. Working legs is the hardest muscle group as it is the most demanding.
      To see a man totally in control of the exercise and repping out in good form, just gets me hard. The grim determination etched over the face and that hard ass, sweating, squeezing and separating, totally intoxicating.
      Here is a link of Chris repping out on the squat rack.
      Chris the Squat Beast

      @Manollo, I looked up Joe Seeman, and he does have really good legs (even though the picture here doesn't show that). I watched him stomping around on stage and he is hot.

    2. Amazing teory Oceej i love your comments about bodybuilders are you bodybuilder?

    3. @ Manollo, currently - no. I intend within 2 years to return to the gym. I have a knee injury and my focus is outside of the gym for now, but I do go for runs (once or twice a week). How about you?

  7. HOLY FUCK !Joe Seeman has a tiny short dick and enormous quads i love him Dana Baker and Ben Pakulsk are 2 horny musclegods with big glutes and quads ! but nothing is more sexy and bigger than Paul Dillet ohh fuck i want to sniff my nose in that black ass

    1. i agree you Paul Dillet is fucking hot black bull i want his smell I could bury my nose in his ass and be intoxicated on the first breath with his sweaty black smell

  8. gostosos pra caralho meu amigo não sabia que tinha tanto macho tesudo no canadá porra até o tesudo do Fouad Abiad o Joe Seeman puta que pariu que coxas e aquele micro penis tesão
    porra blogger esqueça latinos e europeus os canadenses são os machos mais tesudos do mundo to viciado em canadenes voçe não acha blogueiro?? fala serio porra admite os canadenses são os melhores?

    1. Não diria que são melhores do que os outros, mas são um espetáculo de músculos e beleza monstra.

  9. Esse negão do paul dillet é um garanhao do caralho o mais tesudo bodybuilder canadense chuparia esse negão até as bolas Porra e lambetia seu rabo o cavalao do caralho o Canadá tem uma diversidade incrível de espécime machos a galera ta dizendo que sao rabudos coxudos e são mesmo sabe porque worldwidebodybuilder?

  10. Lots of small cocks over there. I would worship those huge monsters and pleasure their tiny packages. Time to book a flight to Canada.

    1. fuck i love small cocks tiny dicks John Seeman and Regan Grimes
      what a fucking hot small dicks! my cock drools !!
      i want Paul Dillet ´s dick in my tongue
      ohh cochinolo can you imagine the small of his black anus ???

  11. Wow Canada is certainly overflowing with hot bodybuilders.
    My favourites from this post are:
    1) Ben Pakulski
    Simply mighty, massive and has legs that destroy most of his competitors. I like the cyborg (almost inhuman ie hard chiseled) face. He has improved his back, delts, arms and chest too.
    2) Chris Bumstead
    A tall guy (with very good legs, not so common amongst taller men - I'm tall and I take encouragement with what he has built).
    A good body. I love watching him squat he has really good form and is very explosive.
    3) Dana Baker and Regan Grimes
    For their overall symmetry and good leg development. Dana is now getting larger and monstrously hot.
    5) Paul Dillett for his legendary status (first Canadian bodybuilder I became aware of).
    6) Sammy Nagib - for his potential. He looks good now but will only improve if he chooses to grow and get stronger. A very beautiful man.

  12. Obviously you know the sport well...excellent reviews.

    1. Hey Anonymous thanks for your comment. Just airing my likes.
      Let the Canadian Muscle Rush continue.