Saturday, June 18, 2016

Venezuelan beast Randolph Naranjo


  1. Nicely displayed of him pretty good as well.

  2. sexy as fuck Randolph Naranjo is delicious mothafucker i love his eyes is big teeth

  3. puts Randolph Stephen Naranjo é um garanhão venezuelano e esses olho grogue dele? que tesão os dentões tambem são sexy

  4. gostoso pra caralho adoro sua Ptose palpebral olhão caolho tinhas fotos q ele tava super caolho devido ao inchaço da Ptose bem que todos os machos poderiam ser assim né blogueiro?
    poste o libanes Abdel AL Hamui

  5. oh god ! I let him fuck me Randolph Naranjo is hot Absolutely perfect body he is a huge specimen of man And once he pulls out his hard cock and spreads his muscled ass cheeks I will get lost in the hotness of this stud
    say blogger Is it true that a venezuelan man got a marginal's face?

    1. I don't know about other Venezuelan men, but Randolph does look like a bad guy from the movies (and I like it).