Saturday, October 17, 2015

Iranian champion Amir Hassan Kashanizadeh

with Morteza Roshanzamir


  1. omg that A$$! Amir Hassan Kashanizadeh is hot as Fuck
    10 Yes i admit that i have creamed my pants and jerked off many times for iranian bodybuilders

  2. Só uma palavra :
    LINDO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I use to jack off all the time to Amir Hassan . He makes me cum hard
    i'd rimm his ass...suck his his Horse cum!

    1. I can see why, he's definitely hot. Those bull thighs and powerful ass ...

  4. this iranian man is a true Muscle God GReat symmetry
    very beautiful Wonderfully developed legs
    (love his thick, meaty thighs) And, oh, what a package / bulge Big balls,
    and Morteza Roshanzamir man-sized cock Equally awesome in the tiny blue posers as well as in the light-gray tight shorts What a specimen of perfect manhood

  5. mutio bom um puta gostoso foto 3 uauu eu quero minha cara enfiada naquele rabo que inveja daquela sunga imagina o gosto do cu suado deste garanhão iraniano que coxas enormes do caralho!!

  6. Meaty veiny thighs... round ass.. strong rock hard arms... the man's body is made for gay sex... I hope he's giving some lucky man some of that.