Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ukrainian hunk Vadim Komarnitskiy


  1. Vadim Komarnitskiy is pure manhood! Gorgeous blonde his smooth upper muscle body juxtaposes against his scruffy face Ukrainians are always beautiful and manly i love it!

  2. HOLY DEVIL ! these fuclers from ukraine are hot as hell! vadim´s chest is juiced Mmmmm
    love the bestiality beauty of a Ukrainian male more more theses fuckers!

  3. Phenomenol and sexy as fuck. I'd actually like to see him bigger and I'm sure we will.
    Nothing wrong with ripped muscles but i love the steriod monsters of today.
    someone disagrees with me?

  4. Bodybuilders are awesome these guys are like living sculptures it's art in it's the ideal masculine body.
    Awesome doesn't begin to describe this beauty. Magnificent mature muscle
    I think he's super hot and I LOVE those huge pecs on him!!!!
    Lots of us love those big muscles. Would love to meet him.

  5. Vadim Komarnitskiy knows he looks fucking awesome. he just gets better and better, and is the bodybuilding daddy at Ukrainian right now. he also fills out those posing trunks so good ;)
    i just love the Ukrainians wild beauty

  6. caralho que ukraniano filha da puta de gostoso e tem um par de tetas que daria pra amamentar um exercito de homens famintos imagina esse tourão em off season nuzão
    com esse bundão não sabia que esses ukranianos filhas da puta eram gostosos assim
    queria um mês só de bodybuilders ukranianos nessa porra blogger !! argggg

  7. he´s gorgeous Vadim Komarnitskiy has a incredible masculinity definition Ukrainians are sexy beast !