Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mr. Pakistan Atif Anwar


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  3. fucking hole !! THESE PAQUISTANI MOTHAFUCKERS ooze testosterone in hiss asses SHIT! I everything about him turns me on . no doubt, though, one of hottest assets is most definitely their butts and pecs

  4. uauuu o filho da puta é muito sexy e viril adorei o video enormes braços peitorais fodaços e suculentos sem falar no rosto másculo e viril Atif Anwar é o sonho de macho indiano que bocão carnudo caralho nota 10!
    postem fotos de seus gluteos

  5. omg this guy has a exotic male beauty and a lot of Manhood I love his facial features
    Paquistani Indians and arabs are of the same ethnicity?

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  7. incredible super masculine ! Atif Anwar ozze testosterone Are Pakistanis and Indians from India ethnically the same people?

    1. Yes. They belong to a number of ethnic groups them to have common genesis
      Pakistanis have more caucasian features because of intermarriage with white iranians and arabs!
      Indians are darker and shorter, more like thai and sri-lankan people!