Thursday, October 9, 2014

Norwegian beast Thomas Stellander


  1. wow ! Norwegian muscle beast at last! i love these fucker muscle vikings what a legs !!
    more more more .......

  2. Gorgeous blonde his smooth upper body I would love to wear my tongue out on this guy!
    why Norwegian are so massives and huge ? Arabs and Norses are my favourite men

  3. FUCKIN GOD! Massive like a Bull! Thomas Stellander is a Nordic god he´s just gorgeous. i would do anything he would want me to. How I'd like to put my hands on it, touch it, grab it and worship his glutes
    really barbarians are the most beautiful men in the universe

  4. Thomas has a huge torso's with hard pecs, tasty hard nipples, ripped abs, strong mighty male legs, beautiful Adonis lines, a firm full hard ass i love that monster quads!!!
    scandinvians are naturally large and massives ! i Jacking Off A Lot now

  5. Holy crap! i just love Scandinavians bodybuilders what a fucking huge quad is that?
    what an ass oh Marcelo i can imagine Thomas Stellander´s pink hole in my face !!
    Nothing Compares to Nordic beauty !
    Lol I think cochinolo do not like nordic MEN where is your comment?
    great post dude

    1. You know me too well Eduardo. And yes, you're right. All props for the amazing body, but face has to go with it as well. And let's be real, nothing can replace beautiful dark skin of latino and arab people.
      As long as there are not kids & teenagers on this blog, I'm not going to complain.

  6. Really i think arab men most interesting but norses guys have Better Looking Faces i love the mix of angel face and muscle body it´s very hot
    Thomas Stellander´s biceps is awesome

  7. he's absolutely gorgeous! he's a freaking god theiir legs and bicpes are ridiculously huge
    i think Thomas Stellander massive it is beautiful

  8. A mighty Scandinavian man,
    Thanks M

  9. wofffffffffff ! handsome and strong fuck yeah this guy is a Fucker muscle Scandinavian BULL
    PLEASE MORE of these nordic BULLS for me

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