Saturday, June 7, 2014

Croatian handsome beast Petar Klancir


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, and he has a shaved dome too.
      Check out that density and symmetry, the guy is ballistic.

  2. incredible quads cock diesel motherfuckers that can’t even turn to wipe their ass”
    please adimn Petar Klancir´s glutes

  3. sexy and handsome beast Petar Klancir is my dream man i just love bald men
    check out those legs arm and shoulders ! i want this guy for me now!

  4. OMG ..... Petar is SEXIEST man of the Bodybuilding now that is a MAN! damn!! i wanna be btw his legs, btw his arms enjoying his hot beefed muscle awesome, what was your last cycle ?

  5. Bald Men Are More Masculine, Less Attractive, Study Finds In each test, participants were asked to rate men with hair, shaved heads, and naturally thinning hair on how dominant and attractive they appeared.
    men with thick full heads gain in terms of attractiveness. but i love a bald men this guy is my kind of dominant male my husband is a beautiful bald

  6. Jezzus! this Croatian make me so wet What a fantastic body! he´s awesome in addition he has Baby-faced Beauty and masculine at the same time.
    a handsome redhead i want more ......

  7. Petar Klancir is edible in pic one! those pecs are awesome and his legs are massive
    he´s more edible when is in off-season !
    without doubt the sexiest men posted here