Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ukrainian daddy Vadim Komarnitskiy


  1. wow! these eastern Europe guys are handsome sexy and hot love pic#2 their nipples are eatables i want this male bodybuilder to me!

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  2. he´s so sexy at pic # 5 love their huge pecs! this is Right Man to Marry.!

  3. Vadim Komarnitskiy is much better bulked his wife is a lucky!! this man is gorgeous
    why bald men are doing so successfully in bodybuilding? i love it

  4. I Found It On The Internet! yeahh really he´s amazing has an incredible masculinity. his chest and arms are massive i enjoye their rosed nipples!!!!

  5. Obama shouldn't send MREs to Ukraine to show support (lame) he should air drop me in to blow this guy!

  6. oh fuckin god ! Bulgarians ,Ukrainian , Russians they´re hot as hell! real muscle gods
    Vadim Komarnitskiy is manly BIG BONER his muscle-chested man get me wet
    Obama drop me too! i wanna to stick my tongue in this guy ´s ass
    blogger I could not find anything about this guy! SHIT!