Saturday, February 1, 2014

Latin Muscles

Jean Carlo Zapata (Peru) and other monsters

Fernando Maradona, unknown, Carlos Ayala, Pablo Zayas
Jorge Peñaranda (Colombia)
Antonio Gomez (Mexico)

Antonio Gomez
Hansel Correa (Peru)

César Juliá (Argentina)

Dave Stewart (Brazil)

Hector Defez
Jordy Barrios (Mexico)
Rixio Tapia (Venezuela)
Fabian Gonzalez
Elin Batista (Panama)
Rodrigo Piriz (Uruguay)

Yilberto Vazquez (Dominican Rep.)
Ruben Garza (USA)

Julio Rocha (Brazil)
Ronald Torres (USA)
Oswaldo Ferreira (Brazil)


  1. Thank you so much for this excellent post. Roided Latinos galore. Great way to start February.

  2. yes! I love the looks of bodybuilders from South America

  3. Fernando Maradona, Carlos Ayala, Pablo Zayas and César Juliá are the sexiest men of this post love these latin beasts my dick is wet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want you to post Latinos throughout the month of February! fuck!!!!!!!

  4. i love these motha fuckers! Jean Carlo Zapata -peru , César Juliá -Argentina, Carlos Ayala and Pablo Zayas I can not stop masturbating thinking of these beasts from Latim America
    dont stop dude!i want just latinos more fuck LATINOS

  5. great post the best male selection my fav boy are Rodrigo Piriz the best piece of ass ever and César Juliá the hottes massive legs . please i wish more pics and vids about César
    I'll still live in latin america the biggest barn of bulls race woooffff