Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Argentine bull Guillermo Daniel Murua

With César Juliá


  1. it´s a real strong bull Would love to sniff an rim on that ass

  2. dat ass ! pic 4 is hot Guillermo Daniel Murua look like a Greek statue he seems to have short stature to have a butt so busty what is his height?

  3. Argentine butted bull. without a doubt one of the best asses posted on this blog.
    # 1 Ass so phat can hold a glass!!! i want more of him and César Juliá another beff bull

  4. fantastic post buddy I'm addicted to your posts with Latino bodybuilders Guillermo is a beautiful male specimen his glutes were carved by nature is pure genetics but what strikes me most attention are those Bull's Shoulders and trapezius . INSANE