Saturday, September 10, 2011

Brazilian muscles part 2

Flaviano Coelho
Flavio Muniz

Roberto Fronza

Márcio Vieira
Roger Joppert

Márcio Vago

Jorlan Vieira

Luis Sarmento

Arlindo Papulo

Djalma Laroque


Chico Camargo


Gustavo Galvão

Helder Braide

Isaac Alves

James Bondi

Perivaldo Oliveira

Luiz Otávio

Marcos Teixeira

Mateus Correa

Paulo Muzy

Pedro Agrizzi

Renato Negrão

Ronaldo Vale Jr.

Sergio Pacheco

Ton Aragão

Vando Dias

Wagner Quadros

Waldinei de Lima

Agostinho Figueiredo

João Paz

João Bispo de Andrade

Adolfo Acosta

Gilberto Feitosa

Gustavo Alegretti

Walter Muniz

Edson Zaggia

Marcelo Pelaio

Bruno Spinelli


  1. Yet another excellent post. I appreciate the effort. This certainly proves that there's no comparing with Brazilians. They're at the top.

  2. These are some exceptional photos of the different bodybuilders that can be found. You really took the time to collect a great selection of various people from around the world.

    Thanks for posting them and giving us all some inspiration on the bodies that we could achieve as well.

  3. I think I need to plan a trip to Brazil. LOL